Sports Nutrition & Vitamins + Professional Training Equipment for High Intensity, Strength and Functional Workouts.


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So what's our goal?

To help you perform at your best!

Top Quality Training Equipment

You like to train really intense, go hard and go strong? And even more important you’re looking for equipment allowing you to train and to stay focused no matter what you do and makes sure you get the maximum results from your workout? That’s exactly what we believe equipment should be designed and made for. We design, manufacture and sell equipment to train, not to entertain! Fancy looking designed equipment made with cheap materials disrupting your focus during exercises as it feels like its going to fall apart is not what we do. The importance of top training equipment is functionality, stability and quality and that’s exactly what we focus on!

High Quality Sports Nutrition and Vitamins

Training hard and regular takes a lot out of your body. Everyone aiming to maximize their physical performance knows how important a healthy diet in combination with high quality Sports Nutrition and Vitamins really is. Helping recovery, reducing muscle fatigue, preventing muscle breakdown and fueling up your muscles with the exact amount of protein and amino acids, supporting focus & energy levels and boost your immune system are just a few reasons why it might be good for you to consider the use of quality proven supplements. Not all supplements and or their ingredients are the same quality, far from. Here at FITNESS GF21 we offer you a selected range of quality proven supplements for all your needs and diets.