At Fitness GF21 we eat, sleep and live intensive physical training and sports nutrition on an everyday basis. It’s a way of life and we want to reach out to those who think and live the same way.

We want you the be at your best when you’re doing your training, your workout and that’s why we want to supply you with some of the best training equipment and sports nutrition available. Fitness GF21 does not sell just everything or anything and our focus is top quality, functionality and durability.

If you belong to those who are passionate to improve their strength, their physique, their fighting skills or whatever your personal physical goal may be and you love to push yourself to the limit, Fitness GF21 offers you exactly what you need and we will support you as best as we can for you to reach your goals.

Products we sell:

Sports Nutrition and Vitamins. Functional gym and training equipment. Training equipment for Boxing, K1, Muay Thai, MMA, Close Combat.

Fitness GF21 Products:

At Fitness GF21 we also develop, design and manufacture training equipment and accessories for the hardcore gym and combat sports fanatic. Our products are from an outstanding quality made to resist some of the toughest workouts. Quality and Functionality, that’s what the Fitness GF21 equipment is all about!

Our values

Customer satisfaction:

At Fitness GF21 our customer comes first! We will always aim to make sure you get the best possible products to help you to achieve your goals as well the best possible service to make you enjoy every purchase. Everything we do is about you and we only want top marks from our clients.

Confidence, trustworthy and reliable:

Just like you, we always want to perform at our best. Not just when we are in the gym or in the ring, but also in business. We strongly believe in a supportive, trustworthy and positive approach whereby you the client does not has to hesitate to contact us to make an inquiry, a purchase or a follow up with regards to a shipment or received orders. Instead of avoiding customer inquiries, we welcome them, so we know we are doing our job as we should. And if we would get things wrong, we like to put them right as well and learn from our mistakes. Business after all is just like training, there is always room to improve and new things to learn!

Performance driven:

If you like what you see on our website, you know you are driven to perform at your best and so are we. There’s just on goal in our minds when it comes to our business and that’s moving forward. Great products, outstanding customer service and innovation are all part of this and that’s what we offer you!