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Fitness GF21 loves and promotes sports and a physical active life style and hope you do as well! To help you find a local gym or club, we came up with the idea to present you a list with gym’s and clubs that may be of interest to you. Please note, that as we have only just started this initiative, this page and the list below are still under constant update and or construction. We only publish gym’s and clubs who gave their consent to be listed below and although they have to proof to us that they are fully registered businesses or clubs at the time that they have joined our list, Fitness GF21 has no involvement, responsibility and or liability with regards to these gym’s or clubs and their activities and we offer this page as a service to both, those who are looking to join a gym or club and those who want to advertise their gym or club.

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Are you the owner of a gym, a personal training studio or a club that involves physical activities and based in Ireland? Then why not advertise yourself on our Club Finder page? We always like to believe that everyone has already heard about us, but is this really true? If you can proof to us that you are fully registered and compliant, then why not get in touch with us to get yourself more known out there and get yourself added to our page? Feel free to contact us on 083 012 4487 or send us an email at


Our Club Finder page is an initiative to bring potential members and gym or club owners together. Fitness GF21 is not liable, neither responsible for the details provided to us by the advertised business and or the activities taking place within their businesses and we have no further involvement other than advertising their businesses on this page. If you notice any incorrect information or would like to express any concern about any of the businesses advertised on this page, please contact us by email on

Gyms & Clubs in County Wexford:

Courtown Fitness, Courtown, Co Wexford. Contact: 086 861 0222 (official stockist Hero Tech Nutrition, Quamtrax Nutrition and Ronnie Coleman Signature Series)

Gyms & Clubs In County Cork:

Midleton Fitness, Midleton, Co Cork. Contact: 021 463 7777, Email:, Website: (official stockist Hero Tech Nutrition, Quamtrax Nutrition and Dedicated Nutrition)