Fitness GF21 Online Store:

Constantly updating and expanding our product range and product availability our online store www.fitnessgf21.com is the place to shop for those looking for high quality sports nutrition, vitamins and supplements, as well high quality and suitable for professional use gym and training equipment. If you are into serious training and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, you’re at the right place! With an outstanding multilingual customer service team it is our mission to supply you with some of the best products and the best possible service at very competitive pricing!

Marketplace Sites:

Fitness GF21 also has an Ebay Store you can visit under www.ebay.ie/str/fitnessgf21 and occasionally we may advertise and sell some products on other Marketplace sites, especially with regards to used gym equipment and or clearance items. Used gym equipment will in general be also advertised on our online store www.fitnessgf21.com . On our Ebay Store we regular have stock clearance items at strongly reduced prices for sale which aren’t on our own online store. Our standard product range we have for sale on a Market Place website may sometimes be priced a bit more expensive than on our online store www.fitnessgf21.com as of additional cost and charges we have to pay when selling an item on these platforms. Products advertised on Market Place websites without a checkout and/or a build in payment system can be purchased by contacting us on 083 012 4487 and we can offer you payment options such as PayPal and Bank Transfer for example.

Physical Store Or Shop:

Currently Fitness GF21 has no physical store or shop where you can just walk in, see and touch the product and purchase the items in person. We do however supply certain gyms and shops with some brands and their products such as for example from Hero Tech Nutrition, Quamtrax Nutrition, Fitness GF21 and Ronnie Coleman Signature Series, so if you would prefer to go and buy these products in person, please contact us and we will guide you to the nearest physical store in your area.

Terms & Conditions:

Please note that the Terms & Conditions on this website are valid for purchasing directly from us, either from our online store www.fitnessgf21.com or when placing an order directly with us by email, telephone or face to face. For purchases made from us on Marketplace websites, the Terms & Conditions stated by us or the Marketplace site itself are in place when purchasing there. If we have not specifically stated our Terms & Conditions on a Marketplace Website (in case this option was not available to us), our general Terms & Conditions available on www.fitnessgf21.com are in place.