We at FITNESS GF21 would like to ensure you that we take your right to privacy and security of your personal data very serious when you’re making use of our services and our website. Whilst engaging with our website FITNESS GF21, we want you as a customer or visitor to be confident that you are able to trust our services and want you to know that we take your privacy and security very serious. Our website uses SSL Security which means that any information transmitted from you to from a SSL capable web browser will be fully encrypted. 

Our privacy policy below provides transparent information about how we manage, use, collect, store or share personal information provided to us by our customers and or visitors. At FITNESS GF21 we make every possible effort to fully comply with our obligations under Data Protection Act 1988 and Data Protection (Amendment) Act 2003, and the EU2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Privacy and Electronic Communications, EC Directive, Amendment Regulations 2011.

Please be aware that by visiting our website and submitting information, you are giving consent to and are accepting the practices described in our Privacy Policy. If for any reason you do not agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy, please do not use or proceed to use our website . FITNESS GF21 reserves the right to modify and/or amend the terms of its Privacy Policy from time to time without further notice. Your continued use of our website and our affiliate sites following the posting of changes to these terms will mean you accept those changes. Please contact us by email if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy.

As we are more than just an online store, we also process certain orders over the phone and or in person. Here also we are committed to secure your privacy and your data to the hightest standards of ethical practices.

Whilst we are highly committed to ensure to safeguard your personal information that you have provided us with, we would like to make you aware that no transmission of data over the internet (websites, email, public areas, WhatsApp,  etc.) can be guaranteed to be 100% secure.

FITNESS GF21 is registered and operating from Ireland, therefore Irish law will govern and rule in any and all disputes with regards to privacy and other issues.

What Type Of Data We Collect And Why We Collect It?

It is our dedication to protect the privacy of all visitors and or clients who make use of our website and we adhere to the highest standards possible to ensure this. At FITNESS GF21, we do not sell, rent out or give away your data to other companies. The information we collect from you is divided in two categories. Personal information and Anonymous information. The  general reasons for data collection are for example to be able to process your orders, improve marketing and website functionality, analyse website traffic and shopping behaviour, improve our overall services including customer service etc.

Personal Data:

We collect and may store personal information that you have voluntarily submitted by entering our website or through our customer services department. Although some of this data is needed to be able to proceed successfully with placing an order, set up an account, engage with our marketing services and or social media, leave a product review etc., this data has still been provided to us by you on a voluntary basis and with your consent.  Personal data our website will collect from you is your name, address, email address, phone number, username and IP address. For online orders our website does not collect and/or store sensitive financial information as these online transactions will be completed through our financial partners and payment handlers such as Stripe and PayPal. This means we at FITNESS GF21 have no access to this information. For orders placed over the phone we do collect your card details to be able to process your payment through the card payment terminal, however we do not store the card payment information in any form, so we will ask you for this info again each time you place an order with our customers service department. Personal data provided to our customer service or sales team will be stored for as long as needed, this for product updates or products requests and sourcing on your behalf whereby we may store your contact details as well products of interest so our sales team can contact you by email, telephone or WhatsApp with regards to your original request for as long as you approve.

Anonymous Data:

Anonymous or none personal data is collected mainly through interacting with our website whereby we may gather information that does not individually identify you, but which will be mainly used to analyse data mainly, but not limited to website traffic, which will provide us with your IP address and location,
browser type, operating system, general site traffic such as page and product views including interaction time. We use this information to help us improve our website and our services.

Data Collection From Minors:

Individuals under the age of 18 are not permitted to visit our website or to make purchases on as our website is intended for the use of adults only. Therefore, FITNESS GF21 does not collect any data from those who we know they are under the age of 18. Those who are under the age of 18 should only use our website under the supervision and with the involvement of a parent or guardian and not share any personal data related to yourself as being a minor. Please note whilst some products on our website may be suitable for minors such as sports and training accessories, supplements and sports nutrition is not suitable for minors to consume.

Cookie Policy:

Our Cookie Policy is very detailed, this to give you the oportunity to fully understand how these work. Most likely every website makes use of cookies and so do we. This to be able to improve functionality of our website and to offer our visitors a better service. When visiting our website a Yellow Coloured Cookie Policy Pop Up Window will appear at the bottom or centre of our home page. This pop up window will show you how you can manage and it will also allow you to manage, the use of cookies. Please click on the link “Cookie Policy” on our Cookie Policy Window. By doing this you will access our very detailed Cookie Policy page explaining you exactly how cookies and the different types of cookies work and what they do, this in accordance with EU Legislation.

Personal Information In Public Areas and Feedback Sections:

Please be aware that our Privacy Policy does not apply to public areas such as chat rooms, news groups, feedback sections etc. whereby you decide to make personal opinions and or information public. We would advise everyone who is wanting to make use of these public areas to consider carefully which personal information they will reveal and not to make sensitive personal information public.

Admendments To Our Privacy Policy:

Fitness GF21 is committed to further develop and improve their website and their services. Therefore it is possible that new services and or features may be added from time to time. If these new services and or features result in any changes with regards to our Privacy Policy, we will of course make the needed amendments in this policy to make you aware of these changes and what may have changed to the personal information we gather from you and how we use this. To make sure you are always up to date with our Privacy Policy, we would advise you to read the Privacy Policy each time you are engaging with our website and services.