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Fitness GF21 is the owner of this website and the company is registered at Moorehill, Tallow, Co. Waterford, Ireland.

On this website the terms used such as “we” or “us” all refer to Fitness GF21, the owner of this website and business.

The terms as seen on this site supersede all previous terms and agreements. We reserve the right to amend, improve or update these terms from time to time. We advise you to make yourself familiar with our terms and policies and to have a regular look at these to assure you’re happy to proceed making use of our website, our company and its services.

As our company is registered in Ireland, Irish Law is applicable and governs any and all disputes with regards to all our activities and policies.

By making use of or by browsing our website you have agreed to have a minimum age of 18. Seek parental supervision and agreement if you’re under the age of 18.

With regards to the purchase of supplements a minimum age of 18 is required. You agree to be at or over the age of 18 when ordering supplements from Fitness GF21.

We do not accept liability for damage, injury or illness through misuse of products purchased.

Fitness GF21 is selling a large range of products for several sports and training activities as for example weight training, bodybuilding, strength training, combat sports and more as well sports nutrition. Any of these activities and or the usage of goods, equipment and or nutrition related to these activities and available on our online store or in our physical store can cause temporally, serious or permanent damage and or injury as well death to an individual. It is up to each individual to seek professional medical advice before any training and or usage of training equipment, nutrition and other goods available from Fitness GF21, to make sure it is safe for you to participate any such activities as mentioned as well the usage of any items used before, during or after such activities. Also it is important the person purchasing any of the goods available on our online site or in our physical store, makes sure they get professional supervision and or advice from their side with regards to the correct usage of any of these goods and or items, this to prevent injury, damage and or death. Any tips and or guidelines with regards to training, training equipment, nutrition or any other product we do sell is just general product info and or description we receive from manufacturers which we have put available to our clients. This does not mean we are in any way aware of your medical condition and or your training expertise and therefor you agree Fitness GF21 cannot be held liable for any injury, damage and or death caused by your diet, the use of sports nutrition and or vitamins and any other nutrition related products, your training and other activities, this with or without the usage of any goods supplied by us.

With regards to the usage of any type of protective equipment either used in combat sports, strength training and any other activity whereby you might be making use of such equipment, you agree to understand to take the risk of getting injured and or hurt by any such activities, this with or with the usage of protective gear and or equipment. Protective training gear and or equipment is designed to try to prevent and or to reduce the risk of injury and or death during an activity you have chosen to participate knowing there is a potential risk for injuries, damage and more. By purchasing any type of protective gear and or equipment from our online stores and or physical stores you agree to understand that the usage of any such equipment cannot assure 100% safety and or avoid injuries or damage to yourself and or others. Fitness GF21 cannot be held liable for any such damages and or injuries occurring during the usage of protective gear and equipment. Neither can we be held responsible for the correct choice of protective gear and or equipment as we are not aware to what level of injury risk you are going to put yourself through, neither are we aware of your training activities and or level, the use and or misuse of protective equipment. 

Any type of protection gear, gloves, clothing, boots and or all other training gear or products related items you may use in contact with your body could cause friction, skin irritation, bruising, small cuts etc… if not worn and or used correctly. Every person is built different and we all come in different sizes and shapes. Each brand and or product will also have its own shape and design. It is up to the client to make sure they have bought a product that fits well and suits the purpose of the product whilst the labels are still attached and the original packaging is still intact before starting to make use of the product during training if you want to be able to return and or to replace the item. Items already used during training cannot be returned based on reasons such as for example not comfortable, don’t like the feel of it, hurts whilst using and all other related issues. If you believe the item might cause any issue because of a manufacturing default, damage during transport etc… you as the client will have to notify us about this within 14 days from the day you have received the item.

Fitness GF21 sources and or sells used gym equipment as discussed and or as seen with and by the customer. There is no warranty in place for these used items of gym equipment and they are being sold as seen. Additional product images and or description can be requested from us before purchase.

Gift vouchers have no cash value and can only be used for the purchase of goods or services offered by Fitness GF21.

All items shown on this website are subject to availability and although we do our upmost to keep as many items as possible and as shown on our website in stock, we cannot guarantee this.

This website is a service from our side to the client, to give you a better idea of what type of goods and or services we do offer. We are not obliged to have these goods and services available all the time and our range of products and or services may vary and or can change any time.

Prices shown on this website are in Euros and will have to be paid in Euros.

Fitness GF21 does not accept responsibility for errors made on this website, this with regards to pricing and or product information. Pricing of goods and services on this website can be changed at any time and product descriptions may slightly vary from time to time as of slight changes made by suppliers and or manufacturers. Of course, again we will always do our upmost to have all information on this website, this also with regards to pricing and or product or service description as accurate as possible.

Colours, designs, flavours and or packaging etc… may from time to time vary due to manufactures process.

In case any of the goods received by you is not of satisfactory quality, has been described incorrect, or is not fit for their purpose, we will offer you a refund, exchange or repair as long as the items have not been used during training and still have the original labels attached. Please check our return policy.

You as a customer, will have to notify Fitness GF21 within three working days after having received your order, with regards to any missing or damaged items. Notifying us with claims after this period of time can no longer be investigated or dealt with as of insufficient time to do so.

Proceedings and or investigations into missing, delayed or damaged parcels will be done through the channels requested to us by our logistic partner and therefor compensation cannot be considered before the final outcome of these proceedings and investigations.

We cannot accept any liability and or investigate missing or damaged items and or deliveries for goods whereby the client has instructed the courier for the goods to be left safe at their destination or elsewhere. The customer accepts full liability and cost for such a request made by him or her.

When a parcel is delivered whereby the packaging is visibly damaged, the customer is requested to sign for this parcel stating it was damaged and should ask the courier to make note of this on the delivery sheet before reporting this to Fitness GF21. Your stationary will not be affected by this.

Please note that additional courier charges may apply when the customers is requesting to have the delivery of the order re-directed or when change of delivery address is requested during the process of delivery.

Customers failure to respond or to act upon a card left at the delivery address, this by the courier and or other logistic partners, may result in a re-delivery charge where applicable.

All our prices include VAT at the here for legally required VAT rate in place unless stated otherwise.

Any possible additional local taxes, subject to the customer’s location of the billing and or shipping address, this for example outside another EU member state are entirely up to the customer’s responsibility and we will not refund any returns that took place as a result of the client refusing to pay any of these local taxes or duties.

All our prices are in Euros and will have to be paid in Euros as no other currency will be accepted. Any bank charges etc… occurring out of payments made by the customer from a country with another currency than the Euro, is entirely at the expense and responsibility of the customer.

Goods purchased from Fitness GF21 will be property of Fitness GF21 until payment has been received in full.

For larger and customised orders, a 20% – 50% deposit will be required depending on the size of the order and or depending on the nature of the product of the order. In case the customer cancels the for him or her sourced and or customized order whilst the order is already in progress, an administration fee up to 20% of the order value may be applicable.

Coupon codes can only be used once and only one coupon can be used at the time. Our coupons are only valid for online purchases on www.fitnessgf21.com and only for products in stock during your purchase. Coupon codes and discounts cannot be used for out of stock and /or back order products, neither can they be used for telephone and/or email orders etc. Each coupon can only be used once for one identical address, location and/or contact details. Most coupon codes will have a limited time to be used. This can vary from a few days up to several months. Once a coupon has expired, the system will automatically notify you when trying to make use of this coupon at the checkout. Please note that we remain the right to cancel and or refuse the use of coupons if there is a suspicion and or proof of fraudulent use. 

It is important to us to provide you with a product description as accurate as possible so you will not feel that we have miss sold you any products. You the customer have the right to ask additional product information if required and we might provide you with manufacturer’s website links etc… where you can find more product details if we would not be able to do so, however we cannot be held responsible for your final decision on your purchases and or the use of
these as well your understanding of the information provided and you agree to have made all efforts needed to make yourself familiar with the product of your choice before your purchase.

This website and or its information is or may be subject to copyright. Images and general info with regards to products of third parties used on this site, we have been granted to use by the main suppliers or distributors. Images, general and product info all relating to this website as well to Fitness Gf21 cannot be published and or used without our permission